The Aarhus University

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Aarhus University

The Aarhus University is the second-oldest and second-largest university in Denmark. The mission of Aarhus University is to ensure and develop knowledge, welfare and culture through research and research-based education, knowledge dissemination and external advice. Aarhus University is committed to the inclusion of all students with talent, capabilities and motivation. It has the Counselling and Support Centre for Students with Special Needs for counselling, guidance and support. The Centre has a wide network, is national and international training and support provider for staff working in the tertiary and secondary education sectors and is nationally and internationally considered to be a leading expert organization. Through various forms of educational, psychological and institutional support Center is trying to make studies available to students with disabilities. University as a partner offers examples of good practice in the area of operations, for all forms of support to students with disabilities.

Contact person in the Project on behalf of the Aarhus University Mr. Willy Aastrup, director of the Counselling and Support Centre.

Emblem of the Aarhus University

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