University course Peer Support for Students with Disabilities

Idea, Content and Structure development
Teaching staff of University of Zagreb (associate professor Lelia Kis-Glavas, assistant professor Martina Feric Slehan, assistant professor Valentina Kranzelic, Larisa Buhin Loncar, Ph.D., Mirjana Zubak, BA), University of Rijeka (assistant professor Tamara Martinac Dorcic), University of Dubrovnik (assistant professor  Tihomir Lukovic, Daria Vucijevic, BA), University of Split (full professor Arsen Bacic), and Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek (associate professor Ines Drenjancevic-Peric) worked on the development of contents (also created was an Internal Handbook for Instructors) and structure of the course as part of a Tempus project titled, ‘’Education for Equal Opportunities at Croatian Universities – EduQuality’’.